Current Productions

Here are some of the things we are currently working on. 

Art All Night - Trenton

One of our first productions. Diffy has been one of the leading forces that has taken this small 1500 person art festival to almost 30,000 attendees annually.  We oversee all of the music and interactive events booking, are part of the festivals executive committee and are currently consulting on new data systems and fundraising initiatives.

Carve 4 Cancer

Now in its 6th year as a winter sports fundraising festival for cancer research, C4C is making moves to bring its campaigns and events nation wide. Diffy has been involved with producing their main event since 2014 and is now helping with operational and long term planning to carry this starting nonprofit to success.

Janet Makrancy's Weddings and Parties

A 40 year family business focused on providing high quality event decor in the central NJ area and beyond. Marketing, business operations and other consulting services are provided by Diffy.

Bar Cart Events

A unique bar service & rental company for all your event beverage needs. We are building this operation from the ground up and are excited to bring new ideas to the event bartending scene.

14er Holistics: While You Wait

A weekly web series featuring acoustic acts performing in the waiting room of one of Boulder Colorado's finest cannabis dispensaries. For this project Diffy is consulting on live streaming hardware for audio and video as well as booking and content management strategies.

Past Productions

Here are some past productions we are proud to have been a part of. 

AMP Trenton Concert Series

Back for its 4th year this 10 week concert series brings world class talent to Trenton’s Downtown district in an effort to invigorate small business. Diffy is no longer involved but was part of the initial budgeting, grant writing, booking and operations for 3 outstanding years of this series.